Thanks to the OSB Board of Governors, and the generous and continuing contribution of the
Professional Liability Fund, the BarBooks™ online library is a member benefit
included in the bar fees of active and active pro bono members.

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Why should I use BarBooks™?

  • To locate the research you need right from your desk, or anywhere you have Internet access, 24/7.

  • To save precious billable hours by eliminating trips to the library and time poring through print publications.

  • To increase your certainty that you have researched every avenue because you can access all the legal publications at once.

  • To represent your clients with complete confidence.

  • To download over 1,800 time saving forms and jury instructions in MS Word or WordPerfect format.

  • To download and print entire books for portable use.

  • To find out what your colleagues have to say about a particular topic in comments.

Which books do I have access to with BarBooks™?

Our books are a valuable research tool and time-saver for any Oregon lawyer, and with BarBooks™ you can explore, search, or download all titles published by the OSB Legal Publications Department. BarBooks™ are a great way to begin your legal research for any case. Since each book presents a practice area from the Oregon perspective, you’ll find explanations of Oregon cases, statutes, and administrative rules throughout. You’ll also discover time-saving forms and practice tips from our expert authors.

Each chapter, jury instruction, and ethics opinion is posted as soon as it is finalized and before the print version of the whole book is available. Any new titles released by the OSB Legal Publications Department will also be added to the BarBooks™ library. Plus, several Professional Liability Fund handbooks are included in BarBooks™.

What are the terms and conditions of my use of BarBooks™?

If you are an active or active pro bono member of the Oregon State Bar, your BarBooks™ access is governed by a License Agreement, which provides:

  • You are entitled to access BarBooks™ from any computer at any time.

  • You are entitled to download and use any of the forms and jury instructions included in the BarBooks™ library.

  • You are entitled to download and print for your personal or professional use the PDF of any book included in the BarBooks™ library.

  • Your license is in effect as long as you maintain your status as an active or active pro bono member.

  • You may allow your support staff to access BarBooks™ on your behalf using your bar number and password. It is recommended that you change your password in the event any support staff who has been allowed such access leaves your employ.

  • You are entitled to purchase support staff accounts at a cost of $50 per account in the event you do not want to share the password associated with your bar number with your support staff. An order form is available here.

The full License Agreement is available here in PDF format.

Any law library may purchase a subscription to the BarBooks™ online library for use by its library patrons. The cost for a
law library is $295 per access terminal per year. You decide on how many computer terminals you want to install BarBooks™ on.

BarBooks™ is provided to law libraries by means of an .exe file that requires an Access Key, provided by the Oregon State Bar, to be entered one time. This file will put a BarBooks™ icon on the computer desktop of the terminal. Library patrons simply click on the icon to launch BarBooks™ without needing a password.

A law library subscription to BarBooks™ is governed by a License Agreement, which provides:

  • You are entitled to install BarBooks™ one terminal for each license purchased.

  • Your license is for a term of one year, unless renewed.

  • You may allow access to BarBooks™ by your library patrons from the computer terminals in your library.

  • You may not release your password(s) to any library patron.

Law Library Subscription Form.

The full License Agreement for law libraries
is available here in PDF format.

BarBooks™ subscriptions are available to inactive Oregon State Bar members for an annual fee of $290. With the exception of the annual fee, the terms of use are the same as for active and active pro bono member benefit subscriptions. Please contact the Legal Publications Department at 503-431-6345 to arrange for a subscription.