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Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions

2014 Supplement

The 2014 supplement of Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions includes the full text to the most recent version of the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct, and updated tables, subject index, and opinions citator, PLUS one new 2013 opinion and 17 opinions revised to conform to the new rules.

The Ethical Oregon Lawyer

2015 Revision

Ethics is a piece of the puzzle for every legal practice and every case you handle. No matter what your practice area, you need to follow the disciplinary rules—for yourself and for your clients. But you often have questions about how to do that. The Ethical Oregon Lawyer is the best resource to help you fill in all the pieces of the puzzle and to answers these ethics questions and more:

• How are attorney fees governed?
• What constitutes competent representation?
• What limitations do lawyers face when advertising their services?
• What rights does an accused lawyer have in a disciplinary hearing?
• How do the Oregon RPCs affect a lawyer’s duty of confidentiality?
• In which circumstances may a lawyer ethically withdraw from a case?
• And many more…

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